White Sox & Twins All-Star Vets Considered Colt .45s by PSA!?

UPDATE--05/13/2010--PSA just updated the 1964 Colt .45s set to take out the Topps #81 card.  

PSA allows collectors to register their sets to be rated and ranked.  For the Colt .45s, there are impressive collections registered for all 3 seasons.  For each season, the list of cards making up the set is determined by nominations from collectors and PSA.  A big, ridiculous surprise I encountered was that for 1964, PSA included the Topps #81 All-Star Vets Nellie Fox/Harmon Killebrew card as one of the Colt .45s set.

The scan of my card is below.  Judge for yourself.  There's no mention of the Colt .45s for Nellie, who was traded to Houston for the 1964 season, and who has a 1964 single-player Colt .45 card.  There's no way that's a Colt .45s card.

Ironically, the highest rated collection has this card as a PSA-rated 8 in a set graded on average 9.36; so if this card were to be properly dropped from the list, the grading of the set would rise.  Indeed, now that the set contents have been updated by PSA, this collector's rating has risen to 9.45.


  The Colt45scards.info Standards Panel didn't consider #81 a serious contender for the complete set.  So I contacted PSA and asked how it got into their set.  The email series follows.  (Like all email, read from the bottom to follow these in sequential order.)

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Subject: FW: Set Registry--Contents of a Set

 Hi Glynn,

Thank you for pointing this out to us. The team set checklist are provided by the member who requested the set. I have since updated the set composite for the 1964 Topps Houston Colt .45’s team set.


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From: Glynn Ligon [mailto:gligon@espsg.com]
Sent: Monday, May 10, 2010 8:28 AM
To: PSA Customer Service
Subject: Set Registry--Contents of a Set

How is the list/content of a set determined? 

I’m interested because I have complete sets of PSA graded Colt .45s cards.  The 1964 Houston Colt .45s complete set contains Topps #81.  However, this card in no way is a Colt .45s baseball card.  Nellie Fox is represented on the card as a White Sox all-star from 1963 and earlier.   No mention is made on the card of the .45s.  Fox has a separate card in 64 as a Colt .45s player.  

Glynn D. Ligon

Austin, Texas 78759