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Dear :

I am an amateur baseball card collector with what I consider to be a complete set of Houston Colt 45s cards.  However, there is no definitive standard for what makes up a complete set—or even what is a baseball card.

So I’m asking fans and experts like you to volunteer on a Standards Panel to resolve this before the 50th season of major league baseball in Houston—2011.  My Houston Colt 45s card collection is shown on this website and awaits the definitive standard for the complete collection.  Members of the Standards Panel will be acknowledged on the website.

To be clear, this is all for fun, to honor the players who brought major league baseball to Houston almost 50 years ago, and to advance the hobby of collecting baseball cards.  To make your volunteer task as easy and quick as possible, a review form is enclosed providing all the background and the way to submit your agreement or comments on the proposed standard.

Feel free to contact me at or 512-nnn-nnnn.

The three cards to the right are examples of some that may or may not make it into the final set of Standard Houston Colt 45s Baseball Cards.  We have some interesting decisions to make.

Thanks for considering this request for help.


Glynn Ligon