Ranking My Year Sets among PSA Collections

PSA allows collectors to register their sets to be graded and ranked.  

I requested that PSA create a Houston Colt .45s set for all three years combined.  That was created on August 27, 2012. Most of the collectors have registered a Colt .45s set for only one of the years.  That's because their sets are really a subset of their larger year set.

Apparently, these collectors concentrate on a set for a single year (or a few) of Topps cards.  They happen to coincide with '62-'64  Spence, who had the top set across all three years, however, is a well-known collector who collected all years--and that included the Colt .45s cards' years.  In 2013, he retired his set, so mine became the top-ranked set.

To view my PSA's sets as they are currently configured and ranked. go to: 

My 62-64 set is comfortably ranked at #2 all time & #1 current.  My last check in October of 2013, the other current ranks were 62 at #3, 63 at #4, and 64 at #2.  My challenge to moving up is that there are so few cards graded 9 and 10 from these years, and many of those cards are safely and tightly held in the collections ranked higher.  However, I continue to watch for an occasional card to surface.  

NOTE: PSA responded to my questioning of the inclusion of Topps #81 Fox/Killebrew card in the 1964 set by removing it from their set contents on 05/13/2010.  Nellie Fox was indeed traded to the .45s that year, but the card does not show him either as a Colt .45 or in a Houston uniform.