Thanks, Howard Lau!  When I needed some advice, I drove to Houston Sports Connection from Austin, and Howard was kind enough to look over some of my best ungraded cards.  He pick out a few that might rate grades from 6 to 8.  What I learned in about an hour was incredibly valuable.  First, I knew it would be virtually impossible to assemble a complete set of ungraded Colt .45s cards in excellent enough condition to rate 8 or higher when submitted to PSA--at least in about a year's time.  Second, I determined that the prices on eBay for already graded cards, $20 to $60 for PSA 8 for most, were quite resonable.  This is even more reasonable considering that the fee for grading would be around $12 to $15 depending upon how many were graded at one time. 

My second trip netted me some very nice Venezuelan Topps cards.  Howard, what else do you have back there?

I would recommend a trip to Howard's shop to anyone collecting sports memorabilia.  When there, talk with Howard.  He's a real expert.

(281) 589-9600

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