Am I really thanking eBay & PayPal?

When eBay came along, it completely changed the probability that I could finish a complete collection of Houston Colt .45s baseball cards.  Until then, I was able to merely pick up a single card at a shop or at a show--even in Houston--once in awhile.  I see more singles now, but not in 1990.  EBay gave me the opprtunity to get into the shoe boxes in Minnesota, Wisonsin, Washington, Missouri, and other states where Colt .45s cards had been sitting, unwanted for decades. 

My collection of graded cards has come 85% from eBay and 15% from individual sellers off the Internet.  My ungraded cards have come 95% from eBay and 5% from card stores and shows.  The 95% is high because I've purchased so many individual cards over the years in eBay auctions. 


Just as important to a purchaser, eBay & PayPal provided a safe and secure marketplace.  I was able to conduct business without being defrauded or losing my investment if I wasn't satisfied. 

Clearly, eBay is LET THE COLLECTOR BEWARE when it comes to altered cards.  Kudos to the eBay environment for controlling buyer satisfaction and seller integrity.  I have experienced one damaged card holder, a blue-tint card that was supposed to be green, a lost card, and a seller who must have discovered that his "buy it now" price was way too low and conveniently "misplaced" the card.  In every case, I got my money back--even though I would have raher had the cards. 

So, thanks to eBay & PayPal for providing me the marketplace & payment process I needed.  I recommend them to other collectors.

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