Thanks Card Traders of Austin!  When my kids were growing up, I would load them and all their friends into our family van and go to the annual Midnight Madness Sale.  While they looked for comic books and cards with super heroes I never heard of, I started searching for Colt .45s players.  There weren't very many to be found, but it was a start.  That was around 1992.

Over the next 5 years, we continued to get those post cards in the mail announcing the Midnight Madness Sale.  The kids grew up.  I discovered eBay, but never lost my appreciation for Card Traders of Austin and the running start they gave me on collecting my Houston Colt .45s cards. 

I was in there recently picking up some supplies and remembering how I found my first Houston Colt .45s card right there.  I think Card Traders of Austin is still the premire store in Austin for collectors. 

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