About These Cards NOT in the Complete Collection

If a Houston Colt .45s's baseball card is in this section, then it failed to meet the definition of a Traditional Trading and Collecting Baseball Card of the 1960's, AND it failed to meet the standard for being included in the Complete Collection of Houston Colt .45s Cards.  Now, the card is still most likely an outstanding baseball card.  In fact, it must have some significance to be displayed on this website.

Estas tarjetas incluyen las producidas en Venezuela - extremadamente importante, difícil de encontrar, fascinante para colleccionar.  These cards include those produced in Venezuela--outrageously important, hard to find, fascinating to hold.  This category includes cards that were designed to be trimmed from boxes or from strips--making them easily defaced or tossed away by noncollectors who just wanted to eat or drink the product--imagine that.  Then there are the atypical card printers--cookie makers, forest rangers, and rabbis. 

Finally, I called out some oddball cards that I just found interesting.   The last one printed for an active former Colt .45s player.  Colt .45s cards for players who never played a game for the team.  (These really were from the complete collection, but they fit this oddball category also.)  Cards with intersting pictures.

A few of these cards are still missing from my collection, so make me an offer if you have them for sale.

I have not set as a goal to collect these cards in PSA graded condition.  However, many are.  In fact, I have not set as a goal to collect complete sets of all of these cards.  Over time, I might.  I have notes in each gallery how many cards are in each set and how many are included in my collection so far.  The primary objective for the website has been to display a representative sample of each type of card.  Whenever possible or practical, having a graded example provides the opportunity to experience the best features of these cards.